The Art of Life by Maznayim

The Art of Life by Maznayim

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Evans Garden Natural Cosmetics

hi, you have seen below my mention of

Evans Garden is a small family owned and operated natural cosmetic company.

Evan creates the formulas herself for wonderful moisturizers, cosmetics, deoderants and, get this, household cleaning products.

In this day and age where we are bombarded with chemical and after chemical...both in our food, cleaning agents, and cosmetic products.... eating healthy is not the only thing you should do for your good health... but what you use to clean your home, body and what you use to enhance your physical beauty should also be as chemical free as possible!!!

I have been a customer of for at least a year now. I have always enjoyed the personalised service...

And Kevin, Evan's husband, is patient enough to answer any questions I have about the website and products. Yeah, I admit it, I can be the patient from hell with my myriad of sometimes inane questions...hey they seem quite legit and urgent to me at the time--in my defense!!

I firmly believe in supporting small businesses....that, my friend, is capitalism and the American dream at it's best!!

Now, I have never been one to wear make up. First, I hate the feeling of some cosmetics that make you feel as if you are wearing a "mask". Second, I don't like the feeling of being "made up", besides contrary to what some believe about me I am not prissy like that!! :-) And third, have you ever taken time to read the ingredients in such things as lipstick, foundations and eyeshadow?? Triple dipple YUCK!!!!

My personal favorite of EvansGarden is the mineral powder eye shadow and foundation.

First let me tackle the foundation.... the word foundation sounds so heavy.... just ignore it.... I like to think of it as dusting or finishing powder. After cleansing my face and moisturizing I kabuki brush on just a light sheen of the powder (i use half #11 and #16 mixed together and i just lightly brush it on) it gives such a soft gently even coloured look to my face. Its not heavy. Its light weight, breathes and moves with your face!

Now to the mineral eye shadow. It comes in a loose powder form as well. The gossamers are a very faint irredescent eye shadow that slightly, very slightly sparkles... and so soft.... its like silky colour on your eyes. Sort like.... wow your eyes look lovely....but it doesnt look like you are "really" wearing "make up" but just a slight turn and you see this gentle colour jump out at you!!! Its so cool and fun.

Here is an authentic description of the Gossamer Shadows (scroll down about 4/5 to bottom to see) from site:

The Gossamer Lights eyeshadows look whitish in the pot but show on the eyes as gorgeous iridescence. Each of the four varieties of Gossamer Lights appears as more than one color, as the angle of view and light changes.

I wear the gossamers (I bought the 4 colour set really low price! to start) and I put one colour beneath my eyebrows... then a second or the same colour on my lid. Then at the edge of my lid I paint on a thin line of one of the regular eyeshadows. (a touch of water on the brush to paint it on gives a nice defined line).

Now when I say "regular" there is nothing regular or ordinary about Evan's eyeshadows or products. They are all handmade in small batches so quality is assured and a loving touch in everyone.

When I order from I feel like I am important and I matter and that my business is appreciated!! Now that is what I consider excellent customer service. I should know after having been in retail and my own business for at least 20 years now!

Again, I write this review and encourage you to shop at not only because I support small business, women owned business but I feel its important that we take time to care about what ingredients make up our personal items from cosmetics to household cleaners. What we use on our bodies, in our environment and most importantly our personal intimate environment should be only the purest and safest possible, -- Evan and Kevin stand behind this commitment.

So check them out, and when you do let them know that Tamu Ngina sent you! :-)


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